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Published on July 27, 2024

European integration

Over the last decade, Ukraine has been striving to move closer to European standards.

The strategy of further activities in the field of European and Euro-Atlantic integration is an active transition to modern European methods of work, promoting interdepartmental cooperation at the horizontal level, expanding the powers of middle and lower management in information exchange, encouraging initiative, thoughtful proposals and vision , study and translation of useful experience of other European countries in the field of public administration of integration processes.

Success in advancing Ukraine on this course and giving Ukraine-European Union a qualitatively new status will depend on the implementation of consistent and balanced reform of the economic and social spheres; the effectiveness of the process of approximation of Ukrainian legislation to EU legislation; implementation of the provisions of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Ukraine and the EU and its members.

Equally important factors are promoting trade and investment, providing a basis for mutually beneficial economic, social, financial, social, scientific, technological and cultural cooperation, and supporting Ukraine's efforts to strengthen democracy, develop its economy and complete the transition to a market economy.

On January 3, 2012, the President of Ukraine issued an order to improve the involvement, use and monitoring of international technical assistance to ensure real reforms in our country.

It is these changes that will require young, ambitious, active, highly educated, qualified specialists with knowledge of foreign languages. And this is a chance for young people to join the European integration process and successfully realize their potential.

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