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Published on July 03, 2024

Production practice abroad

Practical training of students is one of the forms of conducting practical training, which is a mandatory component of the educational and professional training program for specialists to obtain a qualification level and is carried out in accordance with the Regulation on conducting practical training for students of higher educational institutions of Ukraine, approved by the order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine dated April 8, 1993 year No. 93 (registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on April 30, 1993 under No. 35).
The following are allowed to participate in practical training abroad:
  • students of 2-3 courses and students of the first year of study who study according to integrated curricula (short term), as well as students of the first year of master's studies and postgraduate students who have registered for participation in practical study programs abroad;
  • successful students take an active part in the public life of the university;
  • students with a high level of knowledge of a foreign language, as evidenced by a relevant certificate.
The selection of candidates for participation in international programs of practical training abroad is carried out on the basis of an open competition and conclusions of the host party. The main criteria for the selection of persons willing to participate in practical training programs abroad are:
  • successful studies (average grade of at least 4.0);
  • professional orientation of applicants and conclusion of representatives of the host party;
  • absence of negative manifestations in everyday life;
  • command of a foreign language, which is confirmed by a relevant certificate;
  • public activity and social status of candidates (orphans, semi-orphans, students from large families - at the request of public organizations);
  • having a foreign passport;
  • having a motor vehicle driver's license.
Depending on the specific direction of the student training specialty and the curriculum, the type, duration and terms of practical training abroad are determined. In order for practice abroad to become a reality for you, you must go through certain steps:
1. Choose the desired internship country
Look at the internship programs offered by the department for students and think about why you need an internship abroad, what experience you have in agriculture, and prepare for an interview in a foreign language.
2. Pass the interview
The interview and consultation regarding the internship abroad takes place every Thursday from 15:00 to 17:00 in office No. 8 of the main building or in the reading room of the scientific library. At the specified time, come to the Department and wait for your turn. Based on the results of the interview, you may be immediately selected to participate in a particular internship program, in which case you should proceed to the next stage. If, based on the results of the interview, you were recommended to improve your foreign language skills or practical skills, you will be invited to further interviews. Use the given time to correct the shortcomings.
3. Prepare a set of documents
According to the program you have chosen, you will be provided with a list of documents that must be prepared for participation in the internship program abroad. We recommend obtaining a foreign passport in advance. The international relations department will always help you with the preparation of the necessary documents. You also need to fill out the application form for participation in the internship program abroad and get the dean's permission for such an internship.
4. Get placement
As soon as you have provided the program coordinators with a complete set of documents, the search for a place of practice based on your requirements begins.As soon as such a place is found, you will receive messages from the coordinator with information about your placement - that is, the place, period and conditions of the practice. You should report this information to a specialist of the Department of International Relations for further processing of documents.
5. Agree your internship with the dean's office
At this stage, you need to finally agree with the dean of the faculty on the term of practice and, possibly, the issue of early submission of the session. After that, the Department of International Relations issues the first order regarding your participation in the internship program abroad.
6. Get a visa
Once you receive your visa, the International Affairs Division will issue a second and final order regarding your participation in the internship abroad program. By this point in time, you should have resolved all issues with the early passing of the session, if there is such a need.
7. Go to practice
All formalities are resolved and you are ready to go to practice. Happy travels and new impressions and experiences!
8. Upon completion of the practice, inform the dean's office and submit a report
You must return to Ukraine and start studying in accordance with the date of practice approved by the order of the rector of the university. On the first day after your return, inform the Department of International Relations and your dean's office about your return, and submit an internship report.

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