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Published on July 03, 2024

English Speaking Club

"Full-fledged study of English is impossible without practice"

Why are many people stopped by an obstacle that prevents them from making a final decision to start learning English? First of all, the lack of constant language practice in everyday life is confusing. You can study the theory, improve grammar, but practice colloquial English, actively use it in everyday communication can only be in a certain language environment. Is it possible to create such an environment without leaving the country? In fact - nothing is impossible :)

Who is useful to participate in clubs:

everyone who is actively learning English;

anyone who knows English but does not have a permanent language practice.

Participation in the Speaking Club will allow you to:

  • break the language barrier;
  • expand your own vocabulary;
  • hone the correct English pronunciation;
  • immerse yourself in intercultural communication;
  • have fun and useful.

When and where Speaking Club is held:

  • Conversational English Club is held at the University every Wednesday from 16:00 to 17:30 in the meeting room of the central building (2nd floor near the rector's office).
  • Temporarily out of order.

What should be the level of English for participation:

  • As a rule, in order for you to feel free to communicate, it is enough to have a level of Pre-Intermediate and above.
  • But, regardless of the level, the professionalism of the speakers will allow you to feel at ease and get the most out of participating in clubs.

How much is the participation:

for university students - FREE.

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